Rules for Home Economics Exhibits including Art, Clothing, Floral Arrangements, Flowers, Potted Plants, Food Preparation, Food Preservation, Crafts, Hobbies, Home Furnishing, Household Arts, Field Crops/Horticulture, and Loom Weaving.

YOUTH - 12 years of age and under
JUNIOR - 13 to 18 years of age
OPEN - 19 to 75 years of age
SENIOR - 76 years of age and over
PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES - Persons of any age with medical conditions causing sensory/mental impairment.

1. All exhibits must be the work of the exhibitor. Nothing previously shown at the county fair may be entered for competition.

2. All entries must have been made or completed in the last year. Youth 12 & under and Juniors 13-18 must display age on REGISTRATION TAG. Seniors-over 75, must display age on the tag to qualify for this category. YH., JR. and SR. are to be displayed on tag for those entries qualifying.

3. Exhibitors or their representatives are responsible for checking in and removing their exhibits.

4. All entries will be accepted Monday, September 4th 9am to 6pm

4a. Pre-enter entries Thursday, August 31st-Saturday, September 2nd 6-8 pm

5. Judging will be Monday, September 4th-thru Tuesday, September 5th; Judging should be completed by 3 pm Tuesday.

6. An Individual may have only one entry in each lot in their name or organization.

7. Homemaking Policy: Many of the exhibitors in the homemaking division often produce two items for one lot; therefore a policy has been adopted for these individuals. An exhibitor may place two items in the same lot by declaring and registering one of these items to their favorite charity. Any premium checks will be paid to the organization or charity. This policy is valid only on the local level at the Van Buren County Fair.

8. No entry allowed in miscellaneous lot if there is a specific lot listed.

9. Checkout time and date will be Sunday, September 10th from 1pm until 3 pm

10. If exhibit exhibits are not picked up in 30 days, it becomes property of the VBC Fair.

11. Cookie Jar exhibits entered on Monday will be judged and premium points awarded. All Cookie jars entered Tuesday through Friday will be judged for ribbon awards only.  All cookie jars will be auctioned Saturday immediately following the premium award ceremony in the livestock arena.

12. Representatives entering for several exhibitors, please contact the chairperson in advance for the entry forms and tags. Tags to pre register may be also picked up at the county Extension office after August 15th

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